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Nemesis X - 2.5" Micro Frame Kit

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    Brand: BRDM Quads
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Nemesis X is going to be available again shortly however it will now be sold through as I will be travelling a significant amount in the following months

and will be relocating from the UK back to NZ.

Pricing is staying the same and shipping will be using the same methods as I was,
so there should be no difference for international customers

You can organise your pre-order for the next batch here:


I have talked with the team at make it build it and they are commited to keeping up the same level
of customer service that you are used to with BRDM Quads!


Nemesis X - Micro Design Optimised


The Nemesis is the result of a collaboration between myself and a fellow micro quadcopter enthusiast. We have blended aesthetically pleasing design with physics, quantative testing and good practice aircraft design to create the most optimised, and best flying micro frame on the market.

But we didn't stop there! Check out the specifically designed HD camera and LED bar that go perfectly hand in hand with the frame to give you the most complete micro experience to date!





The Nemesis is a premium quadcopter both in performance and design. We have chosen to use high quality Aluminium standoffs over the usual Nylon used in micros, because they are much stronger, and that added strength allows them to be smaller, and the colour looks awesome.



Balance is a commonly overlooked feature in quadcopter design, but it’s the most critical factor that affects how a quadcopter flies.

In the design of this frame extensive testing was carried out to ascertain the true effect of balance on quadcopter flight, the differences between well balanced and imbalanced were significant!

By accurately designing all the parts of the quad, BRDM Quads has placed the Centre of Gravity in the most optimal point to allow the FC to provide control with the least amount of corrections. This creates a quadcopter that flies extremely neutrally, reacts to inputs much faster and is more efficient in flight.




Micros are all about weight, and adding strength adds weight. But we have optimised the frame geometry to ensure that there is carbon where it's needed, and not where it isn't.

Careful attention has been paid to stress paths within the frame, and all angled intersections are generously radiused to remove any stress risers that could lead to unexpected breakages in a crash. Of course, we aren't saying the Nemesis is unbreakable, but it has the best chance of withstanding the abuse you will give it while keeping it lightweight to maintain performance.


Protection and Maintenance


Here at BRDM Quads we put effort into making sure that the expensive components that you put into your quads, are easy to work on, and protected from damage while flying. This includes making sure the camera is well protected with sideplates forming a camera cage, that will deflect most impacts into the frame rather than the fragile and expensive camera. All internal components are protected by the base and top plates, and the easily removeable top plate makes working on and maintaining your quads a breeze.



  • 2.5" Propeller Size
  • 3mm baseplate, optimised design to maximise strength while reducing weight
  • Low Profile - 15mm Deck Height. Suits the HGLRC Zeus, FC/PDB + separate esc's, or 4in1 with FC (tight build)
  • True X geometry and Perfect Balance - Creates the most neutral flying experience possible and makes tuning incredibly easy.
  • Micro Cam compatible - High quality FPV feed is a reality, no more dealing with poor exposure handling of micro CMOS cameras
  • 9mm PCD Motor Mounting suits 11XX motors - Specifically designed to suit 1106 motors but larger and smaller will fit in most cases.
  • Protection for electronic components including FPV camera
  • Easy Maintenance - Top plate can be easily removed for servicing and repairs
  • 450-650Mah 3S battery recommended (Tattu 650mah was used in the designing of the frame)  



Grab a Nemesis X today and make sure that whether you are freestyling or racing, you will be everyones Nemesis!


Package Contents:

- 1x Carbon Fibre Top Plate

- 2x Carbon Fibre Camera Guards

- 1x Carbon Fibre Base Plate

- 4x Anodised Aluminium Standoffs

- 1x Anodised Aluminium Camera Guard Spacer

- 10x Button Head Socket Screws

- 4x M3-M2 Nylon Hole Adapters

- 9x Nylon Washers

- 5x Nylon Screws

- 5x Nylon Nuts

*Note: This is a Bare frame kit only, Electronics, Motors, Camera etc not included. Shown only as an assembly suggestion.


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