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About BRDM Quads

BRDM Quads started with the original Sugar Glider, as a personal project to create a tough and agile frame that would withstand the rigors of learning to fly FPV. When I realised how well the frame worked I decided to share it with others, so they too could lean to fly or enjoy a tough but great handling quadcopter.

I try to make sure that every BRDM Quad is designed to provide the optimum flying experience for its purpose, this means creating detailed CAD models of all parts and focusing on making sure the Balance and Layout of the quad is as perfect as possible.

Recently, working in collaboration with other quadcopter enthusiasts has allowed me to access information and knowledge of other areas of FPV, and diversify the range of frames that I offer.

I am a Senior Industrial Designer with a passion for RC vehicles. I have been involved in almost everything RC in the last 15 years. While studying I worked for a Hobby Store and was the Technical and Repairs person across two stores. RC and specifically FPV, is a hobby that lets me use my skills as a designer to create custom designs that bring fresh new ideas and features to the table.

I put a lot of effort into every frame that I create and I hope you enjoy flying them as much as I do!